Top rated car waxes

Meguiars Wax

Meguiar’s have gained popularity among car enthusiasts. They are highly rated as a best wax for car company and offer a whole range of products to choose from. They carry Liquid, Paste and even Spray on Car waxes which are considered top notch. The versatility of Meguiar’s and Quality that they have gained reputation for make them one of the best auto paint care companies out there.

Mothers Wax

Mothers started out with a polish for magnesium and aluminum tires back in the 70s. Today they offer a broad range of products and are best known for their carnauba based car wax. They offer a whole range of products based on this material. Their famous kit the California Gold Ultimate System offers a complete carnauba wax based solution to providing the best protection for High End paint jobs

Turtle Wax

Arguably this is the most famous wax brand that ever existed. Turtle Wax has reached legendary status. It is like the Colgate of car waxes. Although they have met fierce competition from powerhouses like Meguiar’s and MOTHERS, Turtle Wax remains the most recognizable car wax brand. Their omnipresent green bottle of Turtle Wax Super Hard shell provides protection that lasts for 12 months. Turtle Wax has been innovating and has introduced new products lines like ICE liquid polish.

Zymol Wax

Riding the success of its Creame Wax product, Zymol has created a product portfolio that spans the entire car care range. The Zymol Creame Wax is a unique product because it actually is what they call a “zhyme” that turns into wax and bonds to your paint. This product contains probably the highest amount of wax by volume in all car wax products.

They also have specialty products like the Zymol Detail wax which is meant for non metallic exterior surfaces like fiberglass and composite materials like ABS and polyurethane. This brand has a loyal following among some niche high end cars.

Zaino Wax

Zaino offers among the most unique products that act like car waxes. Although they use the word polish their products like the Z-2 Pro actually act as a polymer sealant that protects the car paint like car waxes do. They however go one step better with ingredients in their wax that contain, “extra optical enhancers.” Zaino products are usually applied in layers and provide among the strongest reflective properties available in car wax products.

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