Haier Professional Panini Maker

Like any good panini maker, the Haier Professional is also made to make more than just panini – you can get your veggies, fish, chicken and meat grilled on it, with great results every time.

1. The grill plates for all the panini maker functions are non-stick.

2. You can get to make really big sandwiches if you want – the floating top plate allows you to adjust to the height of your sandwich and still get good browning on both sides.

3. It comes with a variable heat control – just adjust to whatever heat is necessary for what you’re cooking.

4. It has indicator lights to tell you when it’s on and also when your sandwich is ready.

5. For grilling, it comes with a scraper and a grease tray to catch the fat – it makes cleaning much easier, and you’re able to get rid of all that extra fat.

Panini makers have gone almost in the way of grills but are special because they give us that lovely panini. Getting the right brand will go a long way to making sure that you’re always happy with the results. Also, why settle for just a panini maker when you can get one that can make paninis and do lots more? Get any of these 3 brands of the best panini makers and you have a sure winner.

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