Barska finger print safe review

Security – 5/5 Rating

This is one the best fingerprint safes on the market. The scanner will store 120 different fingerprints. While there have been reports about other biometric locks not always granting access when they should, the wrinkles seem to have been iron out for the AX11650. In addition to the fingerprint scanner, there is a backup key system as well. The backup key hole is hidden behind the BARSKA logo. Like many biometric fingerprint safes, this biometric pistol safe uses 4 AA batteries to power the biometrics, and it’s always a good idea to make sure that you replace them regularly to get the most out of your safe.

The computer for the fingerprint scanner also has a silent mode. This is an excellent feature to enable; in the event you would need quick access to a firearm, as in the case of an intruder, the last thing you want is to advertise your position before you are ready. By turning off the sound from the lock, you can stay hidden longer.

Warrant – 4/5 Rating

The warranty on this finger print safe is the same as all BARSKA products. They offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects. This limited warranty, while certainly not excellent, is about standard for this type of product.

Overall – 4.5/5 Rating

This is an overall excellent safe. It is large enough to store several handguns, ammunition, jewelry and other valuables. The removable shelving provides you with a variety of storage options. The biometric scanner on this safe is top of the line for the civilian market. So long as this safe is mounted, it will certainly keep your firearms safe.

The only thing holding this safe back, is that it is not fireproof. The safe does have a large interior though. This provides you with plenty of space to keep your important documents insides a fireproof box.

If you own several handguns, or a large amount of valuables you want to keep safe, this product is ideal. The hidden backup keyhole should prevent children from “hunting for the key” and the fingerprint scanner is advanced enough to significantly cut down on “false negatives” that plagued some of the other safes with biometric scanners. This safe is a well constructed, safe product that does everything it advertises.

A Page Exactly About Aiding You Obtaining A Dehumidifier That Will Meet Your Needs

When it comes to finding a dehumidifier, do you know what you are searching for? That’s where this article about dehumidifiers reviews comes into play. This post will try to help you with making a better decision for picking the right type and brand, to what size works the best for whatever situation that you’d like to use a dehumidifier. For more go to

Not every house features a dehumidifier in them, so you have to ask yourself, why are you getting one? By thinking about, and answering this question it will help you with making a much better decision when it comes time to actually put some cash on the table and take a dehumidifier home with you. Most people get one to make the air they breath healthier by lowering humidity level, that will also stop any development of mold and mildew if you have any. If you do, using a dehumidifier may stop your allergies if they are sensitive enough. But, not only that, it will also make your house, or room cooler in the summer time. Check our buying guide of dehumidifiers here

So, the most common reasons people will want to purchase a dehumidifier for their whole house, or just a particular room – top quality breathing air, sleep better in the summer time, prevent allergic reactions is they are sensitive, stop the growth and development of mold and mildew.

In the next section I will be describing in the least difficult terms of how a dehumidifier functions. The reason why you should know this, is it will help you when you are selecting a one to lower the moisture content in your house.

There are 2 refrigerant filled coils that the air will be filtered through. The first one will be doing all the cooling, and the second one will be heating up the air to extract water and make it dryer. The water that is taken out will be put into a container that will be automatically drained, if you selected a dehumidifier the has that option. That is the simplest way to explain how a dehumidifier work. You don’t need to know all the complex components if you don’t want to.

So, now that you have some idea of how a dehumidifier is suppose to reduce the humidity in your house. You have a better idea of what you will need. The next thing that you have to think about is, where in the house would you be placing or using the unit? Answering that question will establish which brand, type, and size of dehumidifier that you will want. Here is an illustration: if you would like to lower the humidity within your bathroom, you would not want to get one that cannot handle someone taking a hot shower.

U Smooth Flat Iron

If you are one of those women who are planning to buy the best flat iron available in the market, opt for u smooth flat iron. This professional smoothing iron is specially designed to reduce all the fatigue and strain associated with straightening, smoothing or curling and also promises to deliver superior results. Take a look at some of the advantages of using this hair tool listed below in this guide.Image result for Benefits of u smooth flat Iron

Benefits of u smooth flat Iron

Titanium plates: One of the greatest benefits of using this professional smoothing iron is the fact that this flat iron has titanium coated plates. This feature proves to be highly beneficial in preventing this hair styling tool from cracking or chipping, thereby increasing its lifespan.Check our buying guide on hair steamers

In addition the presence of titanium plates allows your hair to slip easily through the plates and maintains heat levels consistently, thereby minimizing frizz and hair damage.

Adjustable temperature Settings: This flat iron is equipped with adjustable temperature settings up to 450 degrees. This feature makes it convenient for you to set a particular temperature required according to the type of your hair texture or style.

Safe: Most traditional flat irons usually feature a thermal fuse which tends to blow and make the iron dead as soon as it reaches 464 degrees. However, since the u smooth is basically equipped it with a bi metal thermostat control instead of a thermal fuse, the iron shuts off automatically for a few minutes to cool down after it reaches 464 degrees. This feature makes this tool completely safe to use.

picture of U Smooth Flat IronQuick Performance: This tool for hair styling heats up quickly to 450 degrees and is ready to be set to a particular temperature according to your requirements. In addition, the smooth titanium plates glide smoothly on your hair and straighten hair quickly in a successful manner.

Durable: Unlike most traditional irons that can be used only for about 400 hours, this iron can be used for 1000 hours. This feature makes this hair iron more durable and long lasting when compared to its other counterparts.

In additions to these benefits, using a titanium hair straightener also helps seal the natural moisture in your hair and helps your hair look naturally silky and shinny. Thus, using this hair styling tool proves to be a perfect option for all those women who wish to temporary transform their curly or frizzy hair to smooth, shiny and healthy looking hair, right in the comfort their home.